In 2012 a democratic supermajority was put in place due to changing demographics in California. As a result of the extended one-party rule, this political environment has led to corruption in state legislature and resulted in flawed public policy manipulated by special interest groups.

Senate Constitutional Amendment 5 (SCA5) ask Californians to consider eliminating Proposition 209’s ban on the use of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in recruitment, admissions, and retention  programs at California’s public universities and colleges effectively inhibiting equal opportunities for students.

The shockwave of the passage of SCA5 in the State Senate transpired into state-wide anti-SCA5 grassroots movements. Activists, mostly Chinese Americans, mounted a coordinated effort to protest against SCA5 and to prevent it from passing in the State Assembly.

Leaders of these movements soon found themselves outnumbered and outmaneuvered at every turn by special interest-driven politicians and their political machine, subsequently, a band of a local Chinese-American community leaders banded together to strike down SCA5 momentum. Unfortunately SCA5 will not go away quietly unless we can continue our unified and diligent effort for equality.