Mission and Values

The Orange Club (TOC) – the pioneer Chinese-American Coalition focusing on increasing Chinese-Americans’ voice in California legislature – was founded in March of 2014 by proponents against SCA5. Our goal is simple: positively impact the Chinese-American community through policy development, community education, and active participation.

TOC accomplishes our mission by working to advocate core principles, defend cultural establishments, and promote the Chinese-American identity with collaborating legislative representatives throughout California.

What we do shall define the new generation Chinese Americans. We would like to invite all to watch us, to join us, to witness and to inspire. We are invaluable and equal part of a diverse population that deserves equal respect and protection under the Constitution. We shall neither condone nor accept discriminatory laws and practices. This shall be our one and only principle, and it echoes Mahatma Gandhi in his saying – “in matters of conscience, the law of the majority has no place”.

Get involved now and become part of a larger movement to fight for equality under Constitution.