TOC Voter’s Guide for 2018 Primary Election

TOC 2018 初选指南 – 南加

1)本指南由TOC会员准备和提供,根据和反映了TOC一贯坚持的维护华人利益的核心价值和理念。 2)加州议会党派不平衡所导致的不利于亚裔权益的现况,是我们当前所面临的最大危险。 3)在联邦层面,教育公平,职场和移民政策,经济发展,福利改革是我们联邦候选人考量的最大因素。 4)对于不同党派的选民,投票前请按照你的登记党派选票正确填写,此指南仅作参考。

United States Senator

James P. Bradley
Veteran, America First, Support the Rule of Law, etc. core Republican values.

Representative in Congress

26th District 
Antonio Sabato Jr.
An immigrant himself, Actor.

33rd District 
Dr. Kenneth Wright
A pediatric eye surgeon

35th District 
Christian Valiente

37th District 
Ron Bassilian
Switched to Republican after Trump victory.

39th District
Bob Huff
Bob is a champion for our core values and rights, TOC officially endorsed Bob and he is our #1 priority. Help Bob to win the seat as much as you can.

44th District
Jazmina Saavedra
former US senator, …

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Voter’s Guide for 2016 Election

2016 General Election voting Guide for Southern California (2016南加州大选指南)

Election Date: Tuesday 11/8/2016, 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Vote-by-mail request: must arrive by 11/1
Vote-by-mail ballots: postmarked on or before 11/8

This voting guide is provided by The Orange Club (TOC) and for reference only. The guide is aimed to serve our community for electing the right politicians at all levels in order to protect our wellbeing and equal rights for generations to come. While respecting the core values and politic system of this great country, we are striving …

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6/3 Election Recommendation

June 2014 Statewide Direct Primary Election Ballot

Election Date: 6/3

Here are the suggested primary election candidates for Orange County per the research of The Orange Club:
以下为The Orange Club推荐的人选:

Representative in Congress (國會眾議員)

38th District (第38選區) — Benjamin Campos
39th District (第39選區) — Ed Royce
45th District (第45選區) — Mimi Walters
46th District (第46選區) — Carlos Vasquez
47th District (第47選區) — Andy Whallon
48th District (第48選區) — Dana Rohrabacher
49th District (第49選區) — Darrell Issa

State Constitutional Officers (州憲法官員)

Governor (州長) — Neel Kashkari
Lieutenant Governor (副州長) — George Yang
Secretary of State (州務卿) — Pete Peterson
Controller (主計長) — …

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