TOC Voter’s Guide for 2018 Primary Election

TOC 2018 初选指南 – 南加
1)本指南由TOC会员准备和提供,根据和反映了TOC一贯坚持的维护华人利益的核心价值和理念。 2)加州议会党派不平衡所导致的不利于亚裔权益的现况,是我们当前所面临的最大危险。 3)在联邦层面,教育公平,职场和移民政策,经济发展,福利改革是我们联邦候选人考量的最大因素。 4)对于不同党派的选民,投票前请按照你的登记党派选票正确填写,此指南仅作参考。
  • United States Senator
Senator James P. Bradley Veteran, America First, Support the Rule of Law, etc. core Republican values.
  • Representative in Congress
26th District  Antonio Sabato Jr. An immigrant himself, Actor.
33rd District  Dr. Kenneth Wright A pediatric eye surgeon
35th District  Christian Valiente
37th District  Ron Bassilian Switched to Republican after Trump victory.
39th District Bob Huff Bob is a champion for our core values and rights, TOC officially endorsed Bob and he is our #1 priority. Help Bob to win the seat as much as you can.
44th District Jazmina Saavedra former US senator, believe in American first policy
45th District Mimi Walters Supporting our core values and interests
46th District Russell Lambert A US veteran, Support immigration reform and building the wall.
47th District David Clifford Moderate Republican, promote tax cut and small business
48th District Dana Rohrabacher Strong supporter of Chinese American core values and rights, especially in ensuring equal opportunities in education.
49th District Diane Harkey Was a Member of the State Assembly and currently as the highest-ranking elected Republican in the state as the Chair of the State Board of Equalization. Supported by outgoing Congressman Darrell Issa and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy
  • Member of the State Senate
28th District Jeff Stone  Incumbent, Must-win seat.
29th District Lingling Chang Strong supporter of Chinese American rights, must recall Josh Newman and Support LingLing to win the seat to overturn Democratic supermajority in Sacramento.
32nd District Rita Topalian A friend of our community, lets help her to win this seat.
34th District Janet Nguyen TOC helped to win the seat in 2014, Mus keep the seat.
36th District Patricia C. Bates  Incumbent, Must-win seat.
  • Officials, State of California
Governor Travis Allen A true Republican, TOC officially Endorsed Travis Allen. He is our hope to take California back to hardworking Californian.
Lieutenant Governor Cole Harris Socially Moderate Republican. Favors Fiscal responsibility. California GOP endorsed Mr. Harris.
Secretary of State Mark Meuser
Controller No Recommendation
Treasurer No Recommendation
Attorney General Steven Bailey Endorsed by Former U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese
Insurance Commissioner No Recommendation
  • Member of the State Assembly
District 44 Ronda Baldwin-Kennedy  
District 45 Justin Clark Only Republican candidate in the special election.
District 46 Roxanne Beckford Hoge  
District 49 Burton Brink  
District 52 Toni Holle  
District 54 Glen Ratcliff Promote lower tax, better business environment with less regulations.
District 55 Phillip Chen Chinese American Republican, must win this seat.
District 57 Jessica Martinez  
District 58 Michael Simpfenderfer A district-level delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention from California
District 60 Bill Essayli  
District 62 Al Hernandez  
District 63 Adam J. Miller  
District 65 Alexandria Coronado Elect Coronado to take down Incumbent Sharon Quirk-Silva who has strong association with SCA5.
District 66 Frank Scotto close race that the seat was held by David Hardley whom TOC strongly supported in 2014. Frank Scotto is a good republican candidate to take this seat back again.
District 67 Melissa Melendez Support Melendez to hold on this district.
District 68 Steven S. Choi Support Choi to hold on this district.
District 72 Greg Haskin This is an open race. support him to win the seat.
District 73 William P. Brough Support Brough to hold on this district.
District 74 Matthew Harper Support Harper to hold on this district.
District 75 Marie Waldron Support Waldron to hold on this district.
District 76 Philip Graham This is an open race. support him to win the seat.
District 77 Brian Maienschein Support Maienschein to hold on this district.
District 78 Maggie Campbell Endorsed by Former U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese
  • State Board of Equalization
1st District Connie Conway A champion when fighting SCA5 in 2014, vote for her is in our own interest and important.
2nd District No Recommendation
3rd District G. Rick Marshall
4th District Joel Anderson
  • State Measures
Proposition 68 No No any details on how and where the money will be spent. It will be very likely a typical Government wasteful spending.
Proposition 69 No Recommendation This bill is very deceptive, there is no actual benefit to the state and taxpayers, but the impact and implication to the issue is difficult to know.
Proposition 70 Yes It limits legislature’s power to spend our tax money. This is usually good regardless.
Proposition 71 Yes To remove gray areas in the legislative process shall be encouraged.
Proposition 72 Yes To benefit home owners and our environment without paying extra tax is the way it should be.
  • Member of the Orange County Board of Supervisors
2nd District Michelle Steel Endorsed by OC Republican. She is not friendly to Irvine on the homeless issue. But she is in line with us on most other key issues.
4th District Tim Shaw Tim Shaw is endorsed by OC Republican and TOC, He has been helping our community quietly and consistently.
  • Member of the Orange County Board of Education
Trustee Area 2 Mari Barker Endorsed by Republican groups – OC Republican, New Majority and OC Charter Advocates.
Trustee Area 5 Lisa Sparks Endorsed by OC Republican.
  • OC Judge of the Superior Court
Office No. 13 Theodore Howard Support Republican Incumbent Theodore Howard.
  • Measures, The City of Irvine
Measure B Yes We shall all support our veterans to relocate the cemetery to the strawberry fields near I5 and Baker Parkway.
Measure C Yes Need at least 4 votes of the City Council members to sponsor general or special tax proposals on a ballot for voter consideration. Increases difficulty to amend tax.
Measure D No The City Council members may be given too much power to approve projects that may be harmful to the City and residents at non-financial aspects.


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