Irvine, California, March 8, 2018 – The Orange Club (TOC) is pleased to announce our endorsement of State Assemblyman Travis Allen’s run for California Governor. In his tenure as an assembly member, Mr. Allen has consistently shown his leadership and passion to prevent California from slipping into a place where economy stagnation, fiscal disarray and society demoralization becomes the new status quo. We are deeply concerned that this beautiful state where over 40 million Californians call it home is quickly changing for the worse. The current leadership is driving businesses away, raising taxes on middle class Californians, creating racial disparities, and ignoring public safety. In contrast, Mr. Allen’s tireless promotion and support for limited government, free enterprise, spending restraint, regulatory reform and lower taxes is in perfect alignment with TOC’s. We strongly believe that his advocation to “take back our state for the forgotten ordinary citizens of California and no longer tolerate the squandering of our incredible natural abundance of people, economy, and resources” is the right goal for the State of California. We applaud his fights in Sacramento to repeal SB1 which increases the state gas tax by 12-cents to 30-cents a gallon and stand up with our community to block racially divisive AB1726 which further unfairly targeted Asian communities for stratification. As a grassroots organization, we care dearly about the well-being of ordinary people and our community, and will vigorously defend constitutional rights, in particular the equal and fair opportunities in education and employment without being discriminated on the basis of racial and ethnic identities. We also hold high expectation to curtail crime rates across California communities by promoting law and order, personal responsibility and family value. Finally, Mr. Allen’s pro-growth economic approach is the only path to turn all Californian into prosperity once more. TOC urges all Californians to support Mr. Allen’s campaign for a better California.

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The Orange Club, a grassroot Political Action Committee (PAC) headquartered in Southern California, was formed in the Spring of 2014. It is dedicated to advocating core interests of  Chinese Americans, and promoting social justice and fairness for Asian Americans and all races alike in the United States. If you would like more information about the Club and this press release, please contact Ms. Spring Chen, Public Relations at (949) 734-0912 or email at

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