TOC Urges Federal Authorities to Enforce Law Equally

TOC Urges Federal Authorities to Enforce Law Equally


Irvine, California, March 9, 2015 – On March 3, 2015, federal authorities conducted “the largest federal investigation of its kind aimed at cracking down against the widespread practice of foreign nationals traveling to the U.S. solely to give birth,” according to Los Angeles Times . While we strongly support the effort to crack down the fraudulent activities during the visa application process and any illegal activities involved the operation of so-called “Birth Tourism,” we urge the federal government to protect the rights of the pregnant women and the newborns involved in the investigation. Furthermore, we ask the federal government and law enforcement agencies to take effective steps to deter the influx of people who have entered and are still entering the United States without proper legal authorization.

“Everyone is entitled to pursue happiness and a better life for themselves and for their children. As a matter of fact, this is what attracted many people to come to the United States and part of what made the U.S. a great country in the world.” Said Ms. Iris Yin, a board member of the Club. “However, you’ve got be abided by the laws and do it legally. We request that the laws be enforced equally and fairly in all immigration-related matters. And we hope that the rights of the parents and the babies are well respected and protected as it would in other immigration-related investigations.”

Mr. Alex Chen, the President of the Club, said, “According to the above LA Times report, there are about 40,000 to 300,000 children born due to so-called Birth Tourism. However, according to DHS, there were about 11.5 million ‘unauthorized immigrants’ as of 2011. According to, the estimated burden of unauthorized immigrants to tax payers is approx. $79 billion dollars nationwide or $21.8 billion dollars for California alone. We urge that the federal government devote adequate law enforcement resources to address the much bigger issue of unauthorized immigrants under the current law.”

The Orange Club will continue to monitor the progress of this investigation, and calls for community support to the pregnant women and the newly born U.S. citizens and their parents involved in the investigation.

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The Orange Club, a grassroot Political Action Committee (PAC) headquartered in Southern California, was formed in the Spring of 2014. It is dedicated to advocating core interests of Chinese Americans, and promoting social justice and fairness for Asian Americans and all races alike in the United States. If you would like more information about the Club and this press release, please contact Ms. Mandy Li, Public Relations at (949) 734-0912 or email at

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