“Orange Wave” – The Battle Hymn of TOC Volunteers & Supporters

“Orange Wave” – The Battle Hymn of TOC Volunteers & Supporters

Since the day The Orange Club (TOC) was founded almost seven months ago, we have always had the desire to proclaim our identity and purpose to captivate a wider audience. As a young political organization, we have endured a challenging learning curve and emerged strong and determined as ever. On the eve of our final campaign efforts towards the General Election 2014, we would like to dedicate this very first edition of our online newsletter to our volunteers and supporters, who have cared, watched, listened and helped. You are an indispensable part of TOC!

You may now answer with pride that curious question of Who We Are. We are the voice of the new generation of Chinese Americans that helped stop the audacious SCA5 in its track; we are the faces who greeted voters at their front door on countless hot summer days; and we are the Orange Wave that spread the words for candidates who truly share our value and care about building a better California. Our footprints bear witness and our sweat is testament to our selfless dedication. Regardless of the outcome of the coming election, the impact of our actions is leaving a proud and unmistakable mark on this page of the history.

Thanks to all our volunteers and supporters like you, TOC has transformed from a negligible grassroots organization to a beacon of movement among the Chinese Americans in California. However, it is not fame that we seek. A bigger challenge is coming in 2016. We need you all and we invite you all to join us, to reflect on the path we have traveled and contemplate the journey forward. Only when we come together as one, can we define our common purpose and destiny rather than having those dictated to us.

With the general election less than three weeks away, we still have lots of work ahead of us. We will release more updates on initiatives and progress. Till then, let’s take a deep breath and lead the final charge towards a triumphant November 4th!

With gratitude,

The Orange Club 金橙俱乐部

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