Why AD65 and SD34

Dear Members,

We understand that most of you are anxious to know what you can do to help and are anticipating immediate actions. Please rest assured that the planning is actively taking place and we have to be prudent on our choices.

After two months of hard work and consultation with political analysts, we have come to the conclusion that we are fighting for a free and equal California for everyone, not just for ourselves. So our goal needs to remain all encompassing. As a young organization, we need to raise ourselves beyond narrow self interest and rally support from the wider general public. To that end, our most immediate goal is to set out to destroy the supermajority of the Democratic Party in both the State Senate and Assembly. Our task at hand is to help the Republican Party to fight a good fight in the Southern California.

For the time being, we can give the following outline and justifications.

Step One. Voters Registration Drives.

The voter registration rate and election turn-out rate for Asian Americans, especially the Chinese Americans, has been historically low. This is our fatal weakness on the political stage.

We will be planning voters registration drives. The democracy process requires that you register your vote before your voice could be counted during the election. So please, we urge you to urge everyone you know, to take a few minutes of their time to go online and register their vote. And while you are doing so, if you are so inclined and inspired, we request that you register yourself as a Republican voter. This request is option. If chose to do so, you choices during election are not restricted to Republican candidates, although we do ask you to exercise your best judgment.

In addition, we will be staging voters registration booth at various strategic locations at appropriate times. We ask all members to join in and help out. This is the reason we are coming together and now it is time to make that impact.

Step Two. Support Select Legislative Candidates.

As we previously stated, we are outnumbered and outmaneuvered. And we have to fightguerrilla style by focusing our resources on districts of strategic value, namely, the Assembly District 65 (Ad65) and Senate District 34 (SD34).

Assembly District 65 centers on the city of Fullerton in the Southern California. The incumbent Assembly Woman Sharon Quirk-Silva, is an important member of the CLLC. Our first short term goal is to this years challenger the Republican Candidate Young Kim get elected. Young Kim and all Korean associations within our reach have been extremely supportive to our cause since the beginning. Now it is time to throw our support behind Young Kim and send the Democratic Party a clear message that they no longer enjoy our confidence.

Senate District 34’s Senator Lou Correa sits the executive board of CLLC. This year his seat is being challenged by Republican Janet Nguyen. While Janet enjoys overwhelming support from the local Vietnamese populace, 58.5% registered voters in SD34 are Latinos. As such, Janet will need everyone’s help to unseat Lou Correa in the coming election.

During coming elections, we ask all members of our club to reach out and influence as many voters as possible to cast their support for Young Kim and Janet Nguyen. Please remember these two names.

Now the justifications for our choice of actions.

Please take a moment to reflect why we the Chinese Americans and other Asian minorities are in this similar predicament.

A simple and direct cause is the legislative power is being abused by special interest groups called the California Latino Legislative Caucus. This is an organization that was founded 40 years ago for the sole purpose of protecting and advancing the interests of the Latino population in California.

As the Latino population gradually grew into a majority in California, this powerful organization had the foresight of developing their own leadership network in all levels of our government. As of today, this organization’s leadership consists of 7 Senators and 17 Assembly Members. This is the group that hijacked our State Senate and pressured everyone in the Democratic Party to support SCA5 at the beginning.

As you may or may not have heard. Of the three Asian Senators who withdrew their support in vein after the fact, Senator Ted Liu from the 28th Senate District as singled out by his party and came under attack from this group. The letter of withdrawal from these three Senators was nothing but a symbolic gesture of solidarity with the Asian American people. In the ideal world of democracy, our representatives have every right to express the free will of his people. And yet, The California Latino Legislative Caucus (CLLC) mounted a vicious attack that is curtailing Senator Ted Liu’s political career.

Assembly Member Mr Al Muratsuchi from the 66th Assembly District, even though he expressed no opinion on the issue of SCA5, he came under a similar attack from the very same special interest group. And it was all because Mr Muratsuchi is of Asian ancestry.

Both senators in question were from the Democratic Party. If the special-interest driven party can be so cruel to their own members, can we, the ordinary people, expect any respect from the law-making body of this government? Such is the tyranny of majority that is threatening the free world of California where you and I call home.

We need to plan and work smart and that’s the one thing we have proven to do well.
While we are still improving our web sites with our limited resources, please rest assured that your pledge of support and devotion is deeply valued. Please keep your eyes on us and keep your mind on our future.

Our online forum has just been established and is at present for member use only during this testing period. Please feel free to sign in and contribute ideas. An official Wechat group is also being organized for our club. When it is available, we will be able to get to know each other better. We will send out email with status updates.

Our fellow members, the challenges ahead of us are unmistakably intimidating. What we are doing now is absolutely instrumental to pushing the California back onto the right track. If you have endured so much, held on for so long and expected a turning point for all of us, please stay and point the way. Let our only fear, be the fear of not trying.

Thank you.

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